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We generate your leads, We follow up with your leads, We book your appointments, We get you more positive online reviews, We turn your existing traffic sources into new patients, We reactivate your inactive patients, and We increase your Google rankings!

In a nutshell, we save your staff time while increasing new patient revenue.

Our top priority

Ensuring our dental partners are successful!

We take great pride in delivering a fantastic return on investment through the wide range of services we offer. Your satisfaction is what drives us, and we’re committed to making your experience with us truly exceptional!

Personalized Solutions

Every practice can be different. After assessing your goals and needs, we come up with a personalized marketing system designed for YOUR PRACTICE.

Transparency and Trust

Rest assured we’ll never try to hide anything that we’re doing for you (Unless it’s the TOP SECRET stuff we don’t want our competitors to know about!).

No Long Term Contract

We’re confident in our abilities and believe in creating a long LASTING RELATIONSHIP with our clients. We’ll never ask you for a long term commitment.

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record with practices all across the U.S. We have some of them even featured in our CASE STUDIES for you to check out.

the key to our Patient engage system...

Unlock Success in your Dental Practice with our 7 Pillars!

Dental Dominators! Want to skyrocket your practice? 🚀

Say hello to our Patient Engage System! A system developed with over 10 years of data and feedback from our practice partners to ensure you are as successful as possible.

Let’s make your dental practice shine!

1. Coaching & Training

We coach and train your team to be as successful as possible, in all aspects of your practice.

2. Engage New Patients

Our proven ads generate patients on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and TikTok.

3. Follow Up, Nurturing & Patient Concierge Team

We follow up and nurture your leads for you. We can even book your appointments and ensure a high show rate.

4. Track New Patient Flow & ROI

We track each patient through various stages, and most importantly, if they convert into treatment and what that revenue number is.

5. Engage Past Patients & Leads

We reactivate your old leads or out-of-date patents to generate quick cash flow.

6. Build Local Authority

We help you generate more Google reviews to increase your local presence and trust.

7. Build Celebrity Status & Retarget

We retarget leads to create an omniprescence for immediate growth, but also long term gains.

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